Steven is semi retired now but still very active. He is working on a new novel Sojourn, a book of short stories, a textbook of his personality psychology theories, and several new Church Mouse stories. When he is not writing he enjoys visiting with fans at book signings, solving the technical problems on the engines he has designed and traveling with his wife Kristen.

After Santa Barbara Aerospace closed Steven went back to school to earn a master's degree in family counseling and then a doctorate in clinical
psychology. Steven successfully managed the Social Security Maximus Program in his region until Congress voted to 
discontinue it. Afterwards 
he went into private practice, and also became the counselor at his local church. Later after completing seminary and becoming ordained, he filled the need for an adult Bible

education teacher in his church by starting the Bible Chef Ministry (see Ventura County Star newspaper article). This 
lead to several new books and missionary trips to Mexico, Russia and Africa.

Steven attended Santa Barbara City 
College and completed his undergraduate degree at Columbia Pacific University. He received FAA certification as an aerospace technician and was employed by Santa Barbara Aerospace.  

It is true that Steven Bushnell has been diagnosed with liver cancer. Please pray for him, his family and the doctors that are treating him at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. 

In 1977 Steven met his first wife Susan. They had two children Emily and William. Susan died  of an accidental prescription 

drug overdose. Several years after Susan, Steven met and married his current wife Kristen. They recently purchased a new home in Camarillo, California. Several manuscripts for novels and short stories were developed during this time, including the idea for the popular Little Church Mouse series.

Steven Bushnell was born in Montebello, California 
on September 16, 1953. Montebello is located in the southwestern area of the San Gabriel Valley, east of downtown Los Angeles.  

This environment nurtured many of the technical premises  for his future story lines and inventions such as the lateral 

compression (spline) engine (c).

Steven's family moved to 
Bloomington, California when he was a child.  There he attended elementary school, junior high and 
high school. He graduated from Victor Valley Senior High. During this time some of his earliest stories were written. Some of these stories are being updated and will be added to his new short story book.